Go Modular Homes: Modular Home Benefits
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Why take our word for it!

With almost 30 years in the modular home business, we could go on and on about the ad-vantages and benefits that modular construction has over traditional site built homes.

* Superior quality
* Greater energy efficiency
* Speedy turnaround
* Lower building cost

"But why should you take our word?"
There are plenty of reliable sources out there with tons of information about the benefits of building a modular home. This page contains links to websites/articles and other resources.

Go Modular Homes: Modular Benefits

Modular Misconceptions

Modular homes are like the hybrid car of the house-building industry. They save money, they make sense, but they haven't caught on yet. Go Modular HomesGeneral misconceptions keep many from considering going modular, and the confusion between modular homes and manufactured (mobile) homes has led to regulations and restrictions being placed by towns that have new home builders scared into going the traditional route.

But the word is getting out. It turns out modular homes are in many ways superior to stick-built homes, and, once assembled, cannot be distinguished from their traditionally built counterpart. Read Full Article


More Builders Embracing Modular-Construction Benefits

If someone said you could build a stronger house faster and cheaper, would you be interested?
Go Modular Homes If you thought "yes" for even an instant, you might want to read on.

The Future of Building

Why Modular Construction is the Future of Building. Until the last 30 years, construction practices had not really changed much for the previous hundred. It has often been said Go Modular Homesthat builders and contractors are among the most stubborn, set in their ways, industry group out there. And why fix something that is'nt broken right?
Well that's been the general consensus for many years. But now things have changed. Read full article


Choosing the right builder
is probable the most important decision you are going to face when it comes to building a new construction home. He or she can either make the experience fun and exciting or slow and disappointing. Here are some tips to help you choose the right builder.

Cost Effective

Modular buildings are very affordable because of the factory construction of these buildings. They are very cost effective compared to conventional construction. Go Modular HomesThese units are typically constructed in an enclosed facility, therefore weather is not a factor in the construction time line.

Material delivery fees are also out of the equation because an ample amount of material will always be available at the facility, as opposed to being delivered in limited quantities to the job site, nearly eliminating construction delays, and theft of building materials from the site. Read full article

Weather, Scheduling and Contractors

Frustrations with contractors, bad weather, scheduling delays, supplier problems, work stoppages; we've heard it all. These are just some of the reasons why many people have Go Modular Homesturned to modular construction.

Modular construction offers numerous advantages over what has typically been defined as "conventional" or site-built construction methods. Read full article