Modular FAQs
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Modular Frequently Asked Questions

Here they are !!!! Answers to your questions about our modular homes, plus some questions you probably have not even thought of yet! Please read the following questions and answers thoroughly before coming to a private consultation so that any further questions will be better answered and more time can be spent on your design and your price during your consultation. To set up a private consultation please call 1-866-917-9434. The categories below will help you find a specific answer faster, however, please note that there is quite a bit of overlap of the information, so please be sure to read all of the questions.

General Information - Questions 1-20
Cost - Questions 21-32 Go Modular Homes
Construction Specifications - Questions 33-36
Customizing & options - Questions 37-42
Timing - Questions 43-47
Financing - Questions 48-50

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General Information Questions:

1. Question: What are the benefits of going modular?
Answer: They are structurally stronger, more energy efficient, faster and less expensive.

2. Question: Who does the local work?
Answer: You can hire our referred contractors or you can hire your own contractors. If you decide to hire your own contractors, they must be licensed and insured. Also we can provide “how to do your own button up” information for your contractors which is very helpful in making your project run more efficiently.

3. Question: Do you have contractors to do all the work?
Answer: Depending on the time of year, market demand, and where your house is going to be built, you can hire our referred contractors to do all the work, some of the work or none of the work.

4. Question: What is our next step? How do we get more information?
Answer: There are three ways to receive stock floor plans and information. Go to an open house, visit our web site which is or call to have brochures and information mailed to you.

5. Question: When is your next open house?
Answer: We have open house on many Sundays from 2-4 p.m. Please be sure to call the office in advance for the schedule and directions. Please use our directions, not from the internet. 1-866-917-9434. Please call the office for schedule and directions.

6. Question: Once we have received the information, what is our next step?
Answer: Once you have received the information, please take the time to thoroughly read everything. Then if you would like to have what we call a design/price consultation, please call the office to set that up. We do require that you have already read these 50 detailed questions and answers thoroughly before coming to a private consultation so that any further questions will be better answered and more time can be spent on your design and your price during your consultation.

If it is a stock plan, an estimate can be given during the design price consultation however, if there is any customizing done to a stock plan or if it is a complete custom plan, it can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks to get a price. In some cases longer, depending on our backlog of estimates. The time factor is not due to the complexity of the estimate but on our backlog of estimates. On very rare occasions, due to a very demanding market, we have had to stop taking estimates due to backlog. If that happens we will let you know in advance so you can choose to wait or seek an alternative.

7. Question: What do you need in order to order a house?
Answer: You must have a building permit and/ or footings or foundation in and a solid closing date (in some cases have closed on your construction loan) from your bank, in order to put the house into the 8-10 full business week factory production schedule. But since you need the blueprints to get the building permit, you must first make an appointment to come in to put a deposit down to get the blueprints started and prepare the paperwork for the bank.

Go Modular Homes Immediately following that appointment, you can bring our paperwork with our rough floor plan to the bank and we start the blueprints that you will need to apply for the building permit. The blueprints can take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete which is also the time it usually takes for a bank to give an unconditional commitment letter and a closing date. Then you submit the blueprints to the town for a building permit. At the same time when you apply for your building permit, you come in to pick out your colors, and put the second deposit down. Then once you have closed on your construction loan or have a solid closing date, and your footings or foundation is in, we put your house into the 8 – 10 week production schedule at the factory.

Note: All times quoted are approximate and can vary depending on the time of year, the factory production schedule backlog, Go Modular's backlog, market demand and holidays.

8. Question: How much of a down payment do you require? (Not to be confused with the 5% - 20% down for the bank)
Answer: This varies but generally $3,000 on our specials and a minimum of $4,000 for anything custom (for commercial call the office). The first deposit is to get the initial process going, which is preparing the paperwork for the bank, and starting the state approved blueprints. The second deposit is when you close on your loan and/or apply for the building permit and come in to pick out the colors.

9. Question: So the deposit is for the blueprints?
Answer: No, the deposit is on the modular home. We are not in the business of just doing blueprints. We expect that when you come in for the appointment to put the first deposit down, that you have done all your shopping and that you understand that the deposit is for the modular home and not just for blueprints. In some instances design fees may apply. 

10. Question: Do we have to have land to come in for a private consultation?
Answer: No.

11. Question: Do we help you in finding land?
Answer: Yes we do. Some of our designers can assist you in finding land. It is extremely important to have someone who understands land and building when purchasing land. We can either assist you in finding land and/or give you free advise about the land you ar thinking about. Call the office for more information.

12. Question: Why are the specials so much less expensive? Are the construction specs different?
Answer: The major construction specs are the same as far as 2x6 constructions 16 on center framing and all plywood, however there are some other minor differences. Please ask your designer for more information. However, the main reason why they are less expensive is because the factory uses these designs as loss leaders for marketing purposes. They price the specials lower than their other homes to be competitive and fill low production spots.

13. Question: Who applies for the building permit?
Answer: We fill out the paper work for you that applies to the modular home. Then we mail you the package or you can pick it up. You submit it to the building department. Then you pick it up when it is ready and pay for it.

14. Question: What about warranties?
Answer: There are three separate warranties. First there are the third party warranties for all of the products used in the homes, for example the appliances and window Go Modular Homesmanufacturers have their own warranties. Second there is a mandatory warranty required by the state from the factory for one year. Third we include as part of our price a separate 10 year structural warranty just for the modular backed by a third party insurance company.

15. Question: The model home is beautiful, but can I also see a house being installed or more in the rough under construction, or see a home closer to our style? Can we drive by some of your houses?
Answer: We suggest you first see the open house model home. After that if you feel you still need to see another house we can set that up. However, we must accompany you to the job site. You can set up an appointment to come into the office and we can take you from there. You can see our houses in any stage you feel you need to: during the day of installation, or after installation, during the local button up phase. However, you will probably never see the exact house that you are building because almost all of our homes our custom designed, and highly individualized. You can even visit the factory while your home is being constructed at the factory. Unfortunately just driving by homes of people who have already moved in is not recommended. It makes the homeowner nervous when strangers linger outside of their house.

16. Question: Do you have any references?
Answer: If you go to our Testimonials page you'll see unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

17. Question: How long have you been in business and what are your credentials?
Answer: We have been designing and building modular homes for over 22 years. We started in 1986 as designers of Custom Modular Homes. Since then we have invested extensively in architectural CAD software, equipment and training. We do all of our designs in house. Then we send the designs to the factory and the factory builds from our designs and specifications. Currently we have four full time designers on staff. Most of the designers are Licensed Construction Supervisors. The owner also holds a bachelor’s degree of science in Electrical Engineering from U Mass Dartmouth.

18. Question: How many homes have you done up to now?
Answer: We are one of the largest and oldest modular designer builders in New England. We are also the largest builder out of about 100 builders with our factory for several years in a row. We have built well over 800 homes to date.

19. Question: What makes you better than the rest?
Answer: High specs, low prices, and the stability and the experience of a long running modular company. We were here 22 years ago and we plan to be here 22 years from now because we love designing and building modular homes. Most of our staff has had years of VERY HARD - TO - FIND MODULAR EXPERIENCE. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE VALUE OF THIS EXPERIENCE. This experience is so critical that it can make your project either a success or a failure. A failure with regards to a poorly functioning layout and design of your home, a poorly designed foundation, a poor installation of the modular sections and many other areas of the building project that can lead to failure and disappointment if not done by modular company that has many years of experience.

Note: In addition to the above Go Modular has developed a unique and innovative approach in assisting the homeowner in understanding the building process called the GO MODULAR SYSTEM. This is done through a well developed series of meetings, with handouts and checklists. Once you become our customer you will receive a binder outlining all the information you will need at each of our meetings throughout the building process. This way you know what is coming up next.
This was developed by go modular and as far as we know is the only method of its kind in the industry. We are very proud of our GO MODULAR SYSTEM and our customers love it!! It makes them feel more organized and empowered.

20. Question: Do you do additions?
Answer: Only if it is almost the size of a whole house, and must have as a minimum a small kitchen and a bathroom, and a bedroom. Generally a minimum would be approximately 24 x 24 one story with a kitchen and a bath and a bedroom. If it is a two story addition then a minimum 24 x 24 with same requirements as above.  Top

Costs Questions:

21. Question: What does the price include?
Answer: The price includes freight, flag cars, crane, taxes, kitchen cabinets, carpet, linoleum, bathroom fixtures, custom computer designing in 3D, state approved blueprints and a 10 year structural warranty.

22. Question: What other cost do we need to figure?
Answer: You should figure 35-55K or more for all the local work depending on the size and the style of the house, PLUS excavation, septic and well or town water and sewer. (Duplex homes will be higher due to doubling of utilities)

23. Question: What does the local work include?
Answer: It includes: the foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating hook up, boiler and button up. It does NOT include excavation, septic system and well or town water and sewer. We do not do landscaping.

24. Question: How much should I figure for excavation, town water and sewer or an average well and septic?
Answer: Generally the average cost to hook up to town water and sewer is $1000 - $2000 each from your property line to your foundation (not into the street). However the average combined cost of a well and septic can be $12,000 - $22,000 which would be on an average $5,000-$6,000 for a well and $7000 - $16,000 for a septic. HOWEVER THIS CAN VARY GREATLY DEPENDING ON YOUR LAND. To get more accurate figures on your septic please bring us a septic system design and we’ll be glad to have one of our excavators price your system.

25. Question: What about the cost of options such as hardwood floors, fireplaces, farmer's porches etc.?
Answer: The price of any option you choose will be given during your design / price consultation and / or included in your estimate. Any option you can get with a conventional stick built home you can also get with modular: for example: fireplaces, whirlpools, cathedral ceilings, farmers porches, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, wood siding, upgraded kitchen cabinets, corian or granite countertops, higher roof pitches, dormers etc.

26. Question: Will we be able to get a price on the local work?
Answer: Yes, even if we are not going to do the local work, we will give you an estimate so you can shop price from local contractors in order to decide if you want to hire our referred contractors or hire your own.

27. Question: So what are the costs we need to figure? Can you summarize that again?
Answer: There are four major components to the pricing of any modular home. The first component is the price of the modular. The second component is the cost of the local work. And the third component is the cost of excavation, septic and well. The fourth is options not included standard in the modular price; such as hardwood floors, fire places, Jacuzzis etc...

28. Question: What about unknowns?
Answer: The only unknowns in building modular or traditionally are basically 3. The excavation, the well and the septic to some degree. No custom builder stick or modular, can guarantee in advance of these unknowns. This unfortunately is the only down side to custom building versus a new home already built. However, once you have a septic system design drawn by your engineer you should get bids on it from the contractor(s) that will be installing it. The septic system then becomes less of an unknown. The well and the excavation will remain an unknown until they are attempted. However, the other local work costs that we quote as stated in question 27 above as the second component of the pricing are more predictable.

29. Question: How much do you charge per square foot?
Answer: We price by design, which is much more precise than by the square foot. However, for conversation sake, most of our homes run in the $70 - $90 per square foot range-for 2 x 6 construction. The larger the house the less the per square foot cost will be. For example basic 4 box colonials are in the $60’s to 80’s per square foot. This means that on an average 2,500 sq foot colonial this could be a savings of around $75,000 if a conventional builder is charging $100 psf, which is the minimum going rate, in some areas. If the price of a builder were $125 psf, which it is in many of the towns around Boston, this would be a savings of around $135,000 for a 2,500 square foot colonial. Imagine - savings of $75,000 to $135,000!!! or more. It’s a huge difference!!!

30. Question: Why is the per square foot prices less, for larger homes?
Answer: The more house you buy, the less the per square foot price is. The reason for this is that there is an economy of scale with modular homes. There are certain costs that remain constant when you build a modular, such as freight and certain overhead costs. In other words, it costs the same to ship 4 small sections of a house as it does to ship 4 large sections of a house.

31. Question: How much are garages?
Answer: Garages are built locally and the cost ranges from $20,000 - $25,000 from ground up, for conventional roof (5/12 or 7/12 pitch truss roof) and $30,000 – $35,000 for 12/12-roof pitch with unfinished bonus room above the garage depending on size.

32. Question: How much is a farmers porch?
Answer: $40 - $50 psf depending on the design and style of the porch. Take the length of the porch (or house) times the width of the porch times $45.00. For example 40 (the length) x 5 (the width) = 200sf x $45 psf = $9,000.  Top

Construction Specification Questions:

33. Question: How are your houses built?
Answer: 2x6 exterior construction 16” o.c. framing, ENERGY STAR rated double hung and tilt in windows, all plywood, and NO chipboard or as others builders call it OSB. Now we are the only builder in the North East offering modular homes with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) on the walls and the roof to maximize the energy efficiency of the home and be able to build a GREEN MODULAR HOME. Ask your designer for more information or attend the GREEN MODULAR HOMES seminar at our design center.

34. Question: Don't you get stress cracks with modular?
Answer: You will get stress cracks because sheet rock is the weakest medium in any construction, of course this is not structural, this is cosmetic and it is part of the modular process. After the house is set, whoever is doing the local button up takes care of the stress cracks. However over time you will have less settlement cracks than you would have with a conventionally built house. The reason for this is because the plywood and sheet rock are glued to the studs and the ceiling joists and this restricts the movement of materials with expansion, contraction and moisture.

35. Question: Are the houses pre-wired and does the electrical panel come with the house?
Answer: The houses come pre-wired with the switches and outlets in place. The panel with the circuit breakers is attached in one of the modules and the other module(s) have home run wires that the local electrician connects. This is a line item in the Local Work price.

36. Question: Does the boiler come with modular homes?
Answer: The modular homes come with the heating baseboard elements installed and stubbed through the floor. The heating connections of all the baseboard elements below the floor joists and the boiler needs to be done locally. The boiler and the heating connections will be included as part of your Local Work price as a separate line item called Plumbing & Heating connections.  Top

Customizing and Options Questions:

37. Question: Can I custom design a floor plan?
Answer: Yes, almost any design is possible.

38. Question: Do you charge for custom designing?
Answer: We offer custom computer designing for all of our stock floor plans and our custom designed floor plans included in the price of our homes. However, if you add materials, i.e. door, windows, additional footage, you pay for the additional materials. Also, once you become our customer you can also see your floor plan in 3D before you build it.

39. Question: Can the specials also be customized?
Answer: Our specials when offered can only be very slightly modified. However, most options can be added to the specials, i.e. extra windows, islands, fireplaces, cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors, etc. You must speak or meet with a designer for more specific information.

40. Question: What about the options such as hardwood floors, fireplaces, farmer's porches etc....?
Answer: Any option you can get with a conventional stick built home you can also get with modular: for example: fireplaces, whirlpools, cathedral ceilings, farmers porches, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, wood siding, upgraded kitchen cabinets, corian or granite countertops, higher roof pitches, dormers etc.

41. Question: Do you have a list of all of your options?
Answer: No, but any option you may be thinking about you can discuss with your designer at your design price consultation and then it will be included in your estimate.

42. Question: We have heard that you have experimented with smart house technology?
Answer: At Go Modular we have combined two exciting technologies; the modular technology with the new electronic “Smart House Technology” to create the modular home for the 21st century. This means that we can integrate into the modular wiring at the factory the so-called “structured wiring” that enables the home owner to create an internal computer network in the home. You will also be able to distribute voice and video throughout the house, control all the lighting, and energy sources, and security and fire alarms. We have this system already install. Top

Timing Questions:

43. Question: How soon can we get a home?
Answer: If you could order a house today, it would be here in approximately 8-10 full business weeks, excluding several days for holidays since we are not allowed on the highway before and after holidays. We can only order a house after we have a building permit and /or footings and foundation is in and you have a solid closing date from your bank, or have closed on your construction loan.

44. Question: Is that all it takes? Only 8 weeks to 10 weeks?
Answer: It takes only 8 – 10 weeks to build the house in the factory excluding days for holidays.  Then we install the modular's with the crane in one day. HOWEVER, from the day it is installed, you need to figure a MINIMUM of 12 weeks to move in.  For some houses it may take even longer. Go Modular Homes

45. Question: Why does it take so long after the house is set?
Answer: Because we have to do finish button up, and also rough, and final inspections of both local electrical and plumbing. Then we must tie into the water and sewer or septic. The work cannot be done in parallel, but needs to be done sequentially, with gaps in between for such things as, inspections, and utilities.

46. Question: So how long does the whole process take?
Answer: It takes a MINIMUM of 5-6 months from the time you have your footings and/or foundation in.

47. Question: How long does it take to get an estimate once we have sat down for a design/price consultation?
Answer: If it is a stock plan, an estimate can be given during the design price consultation however, if there is any customizing done to a stock plan or if it is a complete custom plan, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to get an estimate. It some cases longer depending on our backlog of estimates. The time factor is not due to the complexity of the estimate but on our backlog of estimates. On very rare occasions, due to a very demanding market, we have had to stop taking estimates due to backlog. If that happens we will let you know in advance so you can choose to wait or seek an alternative. Top

Financing Questions:

48. Question: Do we have to buy the land first?
Answer: No, you can put as little as 5% down including the cost of the land with a construction loan. In fact, it is not advisable to buy the land first with a land loan, because you will incur two closing costs. One is for the land loan and the other for the construction loan later on.

49. Question: Do you recommend any banks?
Answer: Yes, we have lenders that we suggest for our construction loans, who specialize in modular construction loans. The contact information will be included in your brochures or you may call the office for more information to be faxed or e -mailed or given over the phone.

50. Question: Do we have to go with those lenders?
Answer: No, you can go with any lender that does construction loans, and especially modular construction loans. We can talk to the lender of your choice to be sure that we are both in agreement as to how the disbursements will be made. If the disbursements are not done properly your project will be delayed and become problematic. We highly recommend that you use our recommended lenders. Top